Hey tharr~!

This is chemit from gaiaonline.com. This blog is where I will now be posting my samples and next few commissions from gaians/visitors just like you. In my first thread in the forums of the site I have just listed, I mentioned that I would be posting my samples on my deviantart account. Honestly, that didn’t go really well at all. I didn’t like half of my samples, because they were done half-ass and weren’t even acceptable to my own standards. I apologize to the people I have written for in the past. Those samples were embarrassing. I would hope to redeem myself on this account. This apology is coming from the heart. Read on if you are interested or just plain ol’ bored. I hope you enjoy what you read.

I typically spend about a week on a small piece, depending on if I am motivated to write the last parts. If I’m not, then I will private message you. Don’t worry about communication between us, because there will be plenty of that. As for the process of submission, I will write up a bullet point WIP, or Work In Progress, of what I will write for you. It’s basically a brainstorming outline for the finishing draft. After I send that to you, I would like for you to reply to that message that you have received the outline and would either like to keep it as is, or change a few things to it. Hate to break it to you, but since I am writing for you, I would like to be partners with this project. I would love to hear some of your requirements for the finishing product. If you want something changed out of the outline, then let me know. Same goes for whether or not you would like to add a few extra juicy scenes. I like talking and working with the person I am, well, working with.


As soon as we have a mutual agreement that I will be working with you in creating a fanfiction of your characters, etc, then I would like for you to send the trade of the agreed price. I will not accept any of the G’s without your permission, or until you get the final draft of your commission.


As for pricing, I don’t like to be stingy. I have had a successful trade worth 50,000G. Let me just tell you that the customer was happy with what they had received. They said that my writings could easily be priced at 50,000G. I will start at 10,000G for 2 pages.

2,500G – 1/2 page
5,000G – 1 page
10,000G – 2 pages
15,000G – 3 pages

I would like for you to quote me from the thread that brought you here, or private message me to the account on gaiaonline that I had mentioned in the beginning of this post.

I will pretty much write anything for you. All you have to do is fill out the form in the main thread with as much detail as possible. If it requires more than that, then private message me the details and we will compromise.





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